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Friday, 15 July 2016


Don’t make studies Burden, Follow ‘SMART STUDY METHODS

How to do well in exams? home tuition works? Got frustrated by increasing pressure of high grades? Don’t Worry.
I will tell some really interesting and helpful study methods in this article. Be it maths,science,history or any competitive exams. You are always able to be the meritorious student.
Let’s find out tricks and tips to study

·         Good Approach: In any topic there are simple and difficult terms that used again and again. Always focus t start with them. Especially in theory subjects!
·         Be Precise: Always use your brain before answering never go blindly even if you don’t know the answer. Just focus to use any term or formula related to that topic.
·         Checklist: Having a check on the to do list for a particular question is a good start.
How to check the checklist? Read more

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·         Improve your G.K. / Current Affairs :  Always eager to adapt and learn new things. Let us take an example ;
You need to remember particular term for example India. Now start reading and gathering information about India. You can take help from newspaper, magazine or article. Keep in mind to collect info for India. Now step by step increase the terms and just check your knowledge after few weeks. You need to be continuous and positive!
·         Avoid last minute rush
Taking home tuition for particular subject is good. Never prepare any exam in hurry.
Complete knowledge is best. Take your time and put important formulas, terms or other main points on paper. you can go through them before exams.

So, GOOD LUCK for your scores.

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